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From Multimedia Data Mining to Multimedia Big Data Mining


Gradinaru Bogd?nel Constantin, Danubianu Mirela, B?r?la Adina Lumini?a


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 381-389


With the collection of huge volumes of text, image, audio, video or combinations of these, in a word multimedia data, the need to explore them in order to discover possible new, unexpected and possibly valuable information for decision making was born. Starting from the already existing data mining, but not as its extension, multimedia mining appeared as a distinct field with increased complexity and many characteristic aspects. Later, the concept of big data was extended to multimedia, resulting in multimedia big data, which in turn attracted the multimedia big data mining process. This paper aims to survey multimedia data mining, starting from the general concept and following the transition from multimedia data mining to multimedia big data mining, through an up-to-date synthesis of works in the field, which is a novelty, from our best of knowledge.


multimedia big data, multimedia data, multimedia data mining