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A Cost-Effective Land Surveying System for Engineering Applications


Prof. Khalid L. A. El-Ashmawy


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 373-380


The field of land surveying is changing dramatically due to the way data is processed, analyzed and presented. Also, there is a growing demand for digital spatial information, coming primarily from the GIS (Geographical Information System) user community. Such a demand has created a strong development potential for a new land surveying software. An overview of the development and capabilities of a land surveying software platform based on the Windows system, SurveyingMap, is presented. Among its many features, SurveyingMap provides a lot of adaptability for networks adjustment, geodetic and plane coordinates transformation, contouring, sectioning, DTM (Digital Terrain Model) generation, and large scale mapping applications. The system output is compatible with well known computer aided drafting (CAD) /GIS packages to expand its scope of applications. SurveyingMap is also suitable for non-technical users due to the user-friendly graphic user interface. The system could be used in engineering, architecture, GIS, and academic teaching and research, among other fields. Two applications of SurveyingMap, extension of field control and large scale mapping, for the case study area are established. The results demonstrate that the system is adaptable and reasonably priced for use by college and university students.


Land surveying; SurveyingMap system; Network adjustment; Coordinates transformation; Large scale mapping; Curve fitting