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Introducing Smart Learning Framework in the Digital World: Towards the Enhancement of Technology-Driven Innovation of Arabic Smart Learning


Eman H. Alkhammash


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 331-337


Smart learning is augmented with digital, context-aware, and adaptable technologies to encourage students to learn better and faster. To ensure that digital learning is successful and that implementation is efficient, it is critical that the dimensions of digital learning are arranged correctly and that interactions between the various elements are merged in an efficient and optimal manner. This paper builds and discusses a basic framework for smart learning in the digital age, aimed to improve students’ abilities and performance in learning. The proposed framework consists of five dimensions: Teacher, Technology, Learner, Digital content, and Evaluation. The Teacher and Learner dimensions operate on two levels: (a) an abstract level to fit in knowledge and skills or interpersonal characteristics and (b) a concrete level in the form of digital devices used by teachers and learners. Moreover, this paper proposes asynchronous online course delivery model. An Arabic smart learning platform has been developed, based on these smart learning core dimensions and the asynchronous online course delivery model, because despite the official status of this language in many countries, there is a lack of Arabic platforms to teach Arabic. Moreover, many non-native Arabic speakers around the world have expressed an interest in learning it. The Arabic digital platform consists of over 70 lessons classified into three competence levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced, delivered by Arabic experts and Arabic linguists from various Arab countries. The five dimensions are described for the Arabic platform in this paper. Learner dimension is the Arabic and non-Arabic speakers, Teacher dimension is Arabic experts and Arabic linguistics, Technology dimension consists of technology for Arabic platform that includes web design, cloud computing, big data, etc. The digital contents dimension consists of web-based video, records, etc. The evaluation dimension consists of Teachers rating, comments, and surveys.


Arabic digital; smart learning; smart learning framework; digital learning