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Arabic Handwritten Manuscripts Text Recognition: A Systematic Review


Arwa Alghamdi, Dareen Alluhaybi, Doaa Almehmadi, Khadijah Alameer, Sundos Bin Siddeq, and Tahani Alsubait


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 319-323


Handwritten text recognition is one of the active research areas nowadays. The progress in this field differs in every language. For example, the progress in Arabic handwritten text recognition is still insignificant and needs more attentions and efforts. One of the most important fields in this is Arabic handwritten manuscript text recognition which focuses in extracting text from historical manuscripts. For eons, ancients used manuscripts to write everything. Nowadays, there are millions of manuscripts all around the world. There are two main challenges in dealing with these manuscripts. The first one is that they are at the risk of damage since they are written in primitive materials, the second challenge is due to the difference in writing styles, hence most people are unable to read these manuscripts easily. Therefore, we discuss in this study different papers that are related to this important research field.


Arabic handwritten text; Manuscripts; Text recognition; Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network.