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High Noise Density Median Filter Method for Denoising Cancer Images Using Image Processing Techniques


Suriya Priyadharsini.M and Dr.J.G. R Sathiaseelan


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 308-318


Noise is a serious issue. While sending images via electronic communication, Impulse noise, which is created by unsteady voltage, is one of the most common noises in digital communication. During the acquisition process, pictures were collected. It is possible to obtain accurate diagnosis images by removing these noises without affecting the edges and tiny features. The New Average high noise density median Filter. (HNDMF) was proposed in this paper, and it operates in two steps for each pixel. filter can decide whether the test pixels is degraded by SPN. In the first stage, a detector identifies corrupted pixels, in the second stage, an algorithm replaced by noise free processed pixel, the New average suggested Filter produced for this window. The paper examines the performance of Gaussian Filter (GF), Adaptive Median Filter (AMF), and PHDNF. In this paper the comparison of known image denoising is discussed and a new decision based weighted median filter used to remove implulse noise. Using Mean Square Error (MSE), Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR), and Structure Similarity Index Method (SSIM) metrics, the paper examines the performance of Gaussian Filter (GF), Adaptive Median Filter (AMF), and PHDNF. A detailed simulation process is performed to ensure the betterment of the presented model on the Mini-MIAS dataset. The obtained experimental values stated that the HNDMF model has reached to a better performance with the maximum picture quality. images affected by various amounts of pretend salt and paper noise, as well as speckle noise, are calculated and provided as experimental results. According to quality metrics, the HNDMF Method produces a superior result than the existing filter method. Accurately detect and replace salt and pepper noise pixel values with mean and median value in images. The proposed method is to improve the median filter with a significant change.


Denoising, Wiener Filter (WF), Gaussian Filter (GF), Pixel density based trimmed median filter (PDBTMF), High Noise Density Median Filter (HNDMF)