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Transformation of Legal Personality in the Context of the Development of Modern Digital Technologies


Roman Amelin, Sergey Channov, Marina Dobrobaba, Larisa Kalinina, and Elena Kholodnaya


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 294-302


The article explores the prospects and trends for the transformation of some basic concepts of law associated with the development of artificial intelligence systems and the problems of liability for harm caused by a robot. The prospects, conditions and consequences of vesting robots with partial (quasi) or full legal personality are explored. This process should lead to a revision of the concepts of will, subjective side and legal responsibility in the direction of their greater universalization. The legally significant signs of will, legal personality, legal liability in relation to robots, artificial intelligence systems and other complex automated information systems are clarified. The author identifies the following essential factors of legal qualification of an act committed by a robot: goals, reasons for setting goals, connections between the planned result and the action taken, the actual result, the reasons for the difference between the actual result and the planned one. The article pays special attention to the preventive function of legal liability, which, when applied to robot subjects, can be expressed in the following basic procedures. 1. Accounting for legal requirements in the behavior of the robot. 2. Timely adaptation of the robot to changes in legislation and other regulatory legal acts that affect its behavior. 3. Accounting for incidents. 4. Destruction of a series of robots whose actions lead to unacceptable consequences.


robot, artificial intelligence, legal responsibility, subjective side, free will.