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Trends and Prospects for the Development of Virtual Reality and Digital Property


Elena Anatolyevna Kirillova, Oleg Evgenyevich Blinkov, Elena Victorovna Blinkova, Aleksey Sergeevich Vrazhnov, and Firdousi Bilyamudinovich Magomedov


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 284-290


The study considers trends and prospects for developing virtual (augmented) reality and civil transactions in relation to digital property. In jurisprudence, there is a need to determine the legal status of virtual and augmented reality to regulate legal relations in the digital environment. Legal relations using new digital technologies require the creation of new legislative approaches and rules of their legal regulation. The article dwells on the legal status of virtual (augmented) reality and determines the methods of regulating legal relations in the sphere of digital property. The study utilized methods for collecting single and multiple facts in order to identify the main trends in the civil circulation of digital assets, as well as private law methods. The methods of generalization, concreteness, induction and deduction reveal the legal nature and main features of virtual (augmented) reality and digital property. The paper highlights the specifics of virtual reality and civil transactions in relation to digital assets. The research has concluded that the sale, exchange and other actions with digital objects in virtual reality have distinctive features, while digital property has also unique characteristics since it is involved in civil circulation and legal relations.


virtual reality, augmented reality, digital property, legal regulation, digital technologies.