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The Main Methodological Positions of Educational Institutions in the System of Educational Work of the Modern Information Space


Oleksandra Shumiatska, Nataliia Palamar, Ruslana Bilyk, Svitlana Yakymenko, Serhii Yakovenko, Liudmyla Tsybulko, Olena Bida


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 272-278


The article proves the idea that the protection and development of Ukraine as an independent, sovereign state requires the education of a patriot citizen who is able to live and work in a democracy, ensure the unity of Ukraine, feel constant responsibility for himself, his people, the country, and strive to make a real contribution to reform processes, especially in unstable, wartime. The main goal of educational institutions in the system of educational work of the modern information space is revealed. The tasks of patriotic education of the individual are presented. The content of patriotic education at the wartime stage and the main characteristics of the content of patriotism are substantiated. The main methodological positions that are taken into account in the construction of the structure and dynamics of the formation of civil responsibility of the individual are highlighted. The structure of civic responsibility as an integral system of the modern information space is drawn, which includes three subsystems that characterize the natural, social and systemic qualities of citizenship, interconnected hierarchically and synergistically. The components of the structural part of the model of civil culture of the individual in the modern information space are analyzed.Modern modernization of the education system in the modern information space, which has led to the emergence of a new type of Educational Institutions, requires the search for new pedagogical technologies that can ensure the formation of a patriotic citizen with an active civic position, which involves not only mastering students' knowledge about the rights and obligations of citizens, convincing them of the expediency of democratic transformations of society, the formation of high moral and strong-willed, patriotic qualities and feelings, but also identifying motivated civic actions, actions that are necessary during martial law in Ukraine.


modern information space, civil responsibility, patriotic qualities, education of a patriotic citizen, system of educational work in the modern information space, active civic position.