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A Deep Learning Model for Predicting User Personality Using Social Media Profile Images


T.S. Kanchana and B.S.E.Zoraida


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 265-271


Social media is a form of communication based on the internet to share information through content and images. Their choice of profile images and type of image they post can be closely connected to their personality. The user posted images are designated as personality traits. The objective of this study is to predict five factor model personality dimensions from profile images by using deep learning and neural networks. Developed a deep learning framework-based neural network for personality prediction. The personality types of the Big Five Factor model can be quantified from user profile images. To measure the effectiveness, proposed two models using convolution Neural Networks to classify each personality of the user. Done performance analysis among two different models for efficiently predict personality traits from profile image. It was found that VGG-69 CNN models are best performing models for producing the classification accuracy of 91% to predict user personality traits.


Personality Traits, Classification, Deep Learning, Convolution Neural Networks, Five Factor Model