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Innovative Technologies in Higher School Practice


Oksana Popovych, Nataliia Makhynia, Bohdan Pavlyuk, Oksana Vytrykhovska, Valentina Miroshnichenko, Vadym Veremijenko, Marianna Horvat


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 248-254


Educational innovations are first created, improved or applied educational, didactic, educative, and managerial systems and their components that significantly improve the results of educational activities. The development of pedagogical technology in the global educational space is conventionally divided into three stages. The role of innovative technologies in Higher School practice is substantiated. Factors of effectiveness of the educational process are highlighted. Technology is defined as a phenomenon and its importance is emphasized, it is indicated that it is a component of human history, a form of expression of intelligence focused on solving important problems of being, a synthesis of the mind and human abilities. The most frequently used technologies in practice are classified. Among the priority educational innovations in higher education institutions, the following are highlighted. Introduction of modular training and a rating system for knowledge control (credit-modular system) into the educational process; distance learning system; computerization of libraries using electronic catalog programs and the creation of a fund of electronic educational and methodological materials; electronic system for managing the activities of an educational institution and the educational process.


innovative technologies, Higher School, factors of effectiveness of the educational process, classification of technologies, pedagogical methods, computer modeling; interactive technologies; technologies of collective and group learning; technologies of s