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Joint Virtual User Identification and Channel Security En/Decoding Method for Ad hoc Network


Kenan Zhang, Xingqian Li, Kai Ding† and Li Li


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 241-247


Ad hoc network is self-organized network powered by battery. The reliability of virtual user identification and channel security are reduced when SNR is low due to limited user energy. In order to solve this problem, a joint virtual user identification and channel security en/decoding method is proposed in this paper. Transmitter-receiver-based virtual user identification code is generated by executing XOR operation between orthogonal address code of transmitter and pseudo random address code of receiver and encrypted by channel security code to acquire orthogonal random security sequence so as to improve channel security. In order to spread spectrum as well as improve transmission efficiency, data packet is divided into 6-bit symbols, each symbol is mapped with an orthogonal random security sequence. Subspace-based method is adopted by receiver to process received signal firstly, and then a judgment model is established to identify virtual users according to the previous processing results. Simulation results indicate that the proposed method obtains 1.6dB Eb/N0 gains compared with reference methods when miss alarm rate reaches 10-3.


Ad hoc network, Joint en/decoding method, Virtual user identification, channel security