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A Methodology of Automated Analysis and Qualitative Assessment of Legislation and Court Decisions


Egor Trofimov, Oleg Metsker, Georgy Kopanitsa


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 229-235


This study aims to substantiate an interdisciplinary methodology for automated analysis and qualitative assessment of legislation and court decisions. The development of this kind of methodology will make it possible to fill a number of methodological gaps in various research areas, including law effectiveness assessment and legal monitoring. We have defined a methodology based on the interdisciplinary principles and tools. In general, it should be noted that even at the level of qualitative assessment made with the use of the methodology described above, the accumulation of knowledge about the relationship between legal objectives, indicators and computer methods of their identification can reduce the role of expert knowledge and subjective factor in the process of assessment, planning, forecasting and control over the state of legislation and law enforcement. Automation of intellectual processes becomes inevitable in a digital society, but, releasing experts from routine work, simultaneously reorients it to development of interdisciplinary methods and control over their application.


artificial intelligence, digital state, indicator, law, machine learning