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Theoretical Analysis Of The Problem Of Leadership In Professional And Management Activities


Kateryna Desiatnyk, Lyudmyla Novakivska, Viktoriia Pryma, Larysa Klochko, Olena Vdovina


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 192-198


The article is devoted to current problems of the concept leadership. The essence of the concept of ""leadership"" is considered and leadership theories. The authors of the article conducted a multifaceted analysis of leadership theories, analyzed the factors of their formation and identified their relationship. Also, the reasons for the difference and connection between leadership and leadership. Styles were presented leadership and their role in building effective leadership. To form the basis of effective leadership was compared to the main criteria inherent in this theories. The following research methods were used in the work: theoretical (analysis of regulatory documents and scientific literature on the problem under study, comparison, generalization, modeling), empirical (diagnostics of the level of formation of managerial competencies of students of the system, questioning, observation, peer review, comparative qualitative and quantitative analysis of diagnostic results the level of formation of managerial competencies).


leader, technologies, leadership, education system