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Automated Assessment Of The Air Situation During The Preparation And Conduct Of Combat Operations Using A Decision Support System Based On Fuzzy Networks Of Target Installations


Andriy Volkov, Serhii Bazilo, Oleksandr Tokar, Kostiantyn Horbachov, Andrii Lutsyshyn, Ihor Zaitsev, Maksym Iasechko


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 184-188


The article considers the improved method and model of automated air situation assessment using a decision support system based on fuzzy networks of target installations. The advanced method of automated assessment of the air situation using the decision support system is based on the methodology of reflexive control of the first rank. With this approach, the process of assessing the air situation in the framework of the formulated task can be reduced to determining the purpose, probabilistic nature of actions and capabilities of the air target. The use of a homogeneous functional network for the formal presentation of air situation assessment processes will formally describe the process of determining classes of events during air situation assessment and the process of determining quantitative and qualitative characteristics of recognized air situation situations. To formalize the patterns of manifestation of the values of quantitative and symbolic information, it is proposed to use the mathematical apparatus of fuzzy sets.


formalization, method, network model, target installation, air situation assessment, decision support system