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Specifics of Speech Development of Children with Cerebral Palsy


Dolores Zavitrenko, Renat Rizhniak, Iryna Snisarenko, Natalia Pasichnyk, Tetyana Babenko, Natalia Berezenko


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 157-162


Cerebral palsy is one of the most serious forms of disorders of the psychophysical development of children, which manifests itself in disturbances of motor functions, which are often combined with speech disorders, other complications of the formation of higher mental functions, and often with a decrease in intelligence. The article will discuss the speech disorder in children with cerebral palsy. Emphasis is placed on some important aspects, which should bear in mind, investigating the problem of specifics of speech development of children with cerebral palsy. In particular at the heart of speech disorders in the cerebral palsy is not only damage to certain structures of the brain, but also the later formation or underdevelopment of those parts of the cerebral cortex, which are of major importance in linguistic and mental activity. This is an ontogenetically young region of the cerebral cortex, which is most rapidly developing after birth (premotor, frontal, temmono-temporal). It is important to take into account, that children with cerebral palsy have disturbances of phonemic perception. Often, children do not distinguish between hearing sounds, cannot repeat component rows, allocate sounds in words. At dysarthria, there are violations of pronunciation of vowel and consonant sounds, tempo of speech, modulation of voice, breathing, phonation, as well as asynchronous breathing, alignment and articulation.


child cerebral palsy, speech development, speech defects, linguistic disturbances, phonemic perception, dysarthria.