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Modern Paradigm of Organization of the Management Mechanism by Innovative Development in Higher Education Institutions


Serhii Kubitsky, Viktoriia Domina, Nataliia Mykhalchenko, Olena Terenko, Liudmyla Mironets, Lyubov Kanishevska, Lidia Marszałek


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 141-148


The development of the education system and the labor market today requires new conditions for unification and functioning, the introduction of an innovative culture in the field of Education. The construction of modern management of innovative development of a higher education institution requires consideration of the existing theoretical, methodological and practical planes on which its formation is based. The purpose of the article is to substantiate the modern paradigm of organizing the mechanism of managing the innovative development of higher education institutions. Innovation in education is represented not only by the final product of applying novelty in educational and managerial processes in order to qualitatively improve the subject and objects of management and obtain economic, social, scientific, technical, environmental and other effects, but also by the procedure for their constant updating. The classification of innovations in education is presented. Despite the positive developments in the development of Education, numerous problems remain in this area, which is discussed in the article. The concept of innovative development of higher education institutions is described, which defines the prerequisites, goals, principles, tasks and mechanisms of university development for a long-term period and should be based on the following principles: scientific, flexible, efficient and comprehensive. The role of the motivational component of the mechanism of innovative development of higher education institutions is clarified, which allows at the strategic level to create an innovative culture and motivation of innovative activity of each individual, to make a choice of rational directions for solving problems, at the tactical level ? to form motives for innovative activity in the most effective directions, at the operational level ? to monitor the formation of a system of motives and incentives, to adjust the directions of motivation.


innovative development, use of modern information technologies, management, higher education institution, improving the quality and competitiveness of education, innovative activity, concept of innovative development of higher education institutions.