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Features Of The Implementation Of Inclusive Education: The Role Of The Teacher


Oksana Klochko, Olena Pohoda, Petro Rybalko, Anatoly Kravchenko, Andrii Tytovych, Viktoriia Kondratenko


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 109-114


The article theoretically analyzed and specified definitions such as: ""professional development of personality, competence, professional competence of a teacher"". Structural components of professional competence are defined, namely: theoretical involves deep knowledge in the field of special pedagogy, special psychology; technological involves the use of acquired knowledge in practical activities and personal in which important personal characteristics of a special teacher are noted. Criteria and levels of development of professional competence of future special teachers are determined. The article analyzes the peculiarities of the professional activity of a teacher in the conditions of an inclusive educational space, in particular, the special training of a teacher as an integral component of this process. Emphasis is placed on the cooperation of teachers in an inclusive educational institution for the socialization of a child with special needs and her preparation for independent life.


inclusive education, education system, inclusive, teacher