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Encouraging Labor Intellectualization as a Tool for Intellectual Capital Development


Rostyslav Palagusyntes, Halyna Shumytska, Kristina Novosad, Oleksandr Katsora, Olha Dzhuhan, Dana Danko


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 101-108


The article reviews the means of stimulating and motivating to labor intellectualization in diplomatic service employees. The means considered encourage them to raise the effectiveness in achieving goals. Leveling up of intellectual labor of diplomatic services employees, as well as means of motivation of employees are covered in the Law of Ukraine “On Civil Service”. The law defines and regulates the conditions for the performance of intellectual labor entrusted to the staff of diplomatic services, namely: defines the direct rights and responsibilities of employees of diplomatic services, protects the interests and assists citizens of Ukraine abroad, meets the needs of all pressing issues and problems for their benefit.


diplomatic service employee, intellectual capital, labor intellectualization, motivating, Ukraine.