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The Use of Innovative Technologies in Education


Tetiana Stratan-Artyshkova, Ruslana Bilyk, Kateryna Vitsukaieva, Iryna Drozich, Olha Kalimanova, Yelena Vasiutynska, Olena Bida


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 93-100


The use of innovative technologies is one of the promising areas of education development, so the article clarifies the content of the terms ""innovation"" ""pedagogical technology"". Our goal is to justify the need to use innovative technologies in education. Innovative technologies are divided into four groups, depending on the appropriate form of educational activity for their use. The development of innovative pedagogical technologies at the present stage of education development should be carried out in accordance with the criteria of technological efficiency, which are presented in the article: scientific; systematic; guaranteed; manageable; mass. Based on the analysis of the process of formation of pedagogical education, the main trends in the information support of teachers in the system of pedagogical education were revealed. Its theoretical and methodological foundations were determined, promising directions and main ways of improving the information support of teachers' education as an organic component of continuous pedagogical education in Ukraine were justified. The conducted study of the state of information support for teachers allowed us to establish that the main functions of scientific and pedagogical information ? analytical and predictive, integrative, operational and purposeful informing of various categories of specialists ? teachers-are not being implemented enough. This is due to the versatility and complexity of the pedagogical process, the low level and limited range of development of systems of operational differentiated scientific and methodological services for various categories of teachers. Ways to improve the information function of teacher education are determined.


information support, innovative technologies in education, teacher, computer technologies, pedagogical technology, creation of an automated corporate information system, corporate website, information and telecommunications technologies, use of computer t