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Intellectualization of Higher Education: an Information and Communication Model


Olena Kaidanovska, Mariia Pymonenko, Oksana Morklyanyk, Oksana Iurchyshyn, Yaroslav Rakochyi


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 87-92


Today the system of higher education needs significant reforms. Intellectualization of the educational process in HEIs aims to improve the quality of educational services. Intellectual information technologies are information technologies that help a person to accelerate the analysis of the political, economic, social, and technical situation, as well as the synthesis of management decisions. The basis for their mastery is information and communication technologies. The purpose of the research work is to identify the relationship between the introduction of information and communication technologies and the increase in the level of intellectualization of higher education. The article substantiates the expediency of introducing information and communication technologies in order to improve the intellectualization of the educational process in higher education. An empirical study of the variables that characterize the level of intellectualization of higher education through the proposed techniques has been conducted. The tendencies characteristic of pedagogical conditions of implementation of information and communication model in the educational process were revealed. It is proved that the level of intellectualization of higher education depends on the implemented pedagogical conditions. The effectiveness of the proposed information and communication model is also confirmed. Given the data obtained during the study and the low constraints that may affect the results of further research on this issue should focus on the study of other variables that characterize the state of intellectualization of the educational process.


educational technologies, information technologies, educational environment, innovative education, information, and communication technologies.