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The Role of Education Information in Training Specialists at Universities in the USA, Great Britain and Ukraine


Olena Mamchych, Natalia Chornobryva, Svitlana Karskanova, Karina Vlasenko, Olha Syroiezhko, Tetiana Zorochkina, Antonina Chychuk


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 43-50


A comparative analysis of the state and results of the functioning of the education system of Ukraine with the national educational systems of the USA and Great Britain was carried out. Based on which we found out similar and different in the process of developing the system of training specialists in higher education institutions of the USA, Great Britain, and Ukraine. Describing the main quantitative indicators of education in the UK, USA and Ukraine, we found common features and distinctive features. Consideration in the comparative aspect of trends in the development of higher teacher education in the United States, Great Britain and in Ukraine gives grounds for conclusion. For these countries, such groups of norms as types of educational institutions, forms of Education; introduction of a unified system of credit units in order to create conditions for broad mobility of students; availability of different levels of training; study of the best experience of educational activities of other states and its introduction into the educational process in combination with the cultural traditions of Ukraine coincide. Describing the main quantitative indicators of education in the analyzed countries, we found distinctive features.Teacher development systems in the UK, USA and Ukraine are compared. It was found out that the use of methods of Great Britain and the United States on the organization of independent work in the process of professional development of teachers will have a positive impact on training in the system of advanced training of teachers in Ukraine. The article examines the information culture of future specialists, which is based on knowledge about the information environment, the laws of its functioning and development, and the perfect ability to navigate the limitless modern world of information.


information culture, informanization of education, youth training, comparative analysis, National Educational Systems, the USA, Great Britain, Ukraine.