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The Impact of Snapchat and YouTube Influencers on the Consumption Behaviour of Saudi Consumers


Monirah Al-Ajlan, Afnan Alsadhan, Abdulrahman Mirza


Vol. 22  No. 10  pp. 423-430


The emergence of social media platforms has changed the culture of business marketing. Their impact has increased considerably since the emergence of social media influencers or content creators. The phenomenon of social media influencers has been adopted as one of the most effective marketing strategies among global and local organizations. Those celebrities attract business owners, who seek to use them as means to reach a large number of potential consumers. Today, the user bases of Snapchat and YouTube in Saudi Arabia are growing fast and becoming very popular, unlike other social media platforms. Consequently, the impact of these applications’ influencers on the purchasing habits of individuals cannot be underestimated. This survey paper intends to investigate the impact of Snapchat and YouTube influencers on the consumption behaviour of Saudi consumers. Results suggest that Snapchat is not only more popular but also more rusted and credible. Moreover, influencers’ impact on purchasing behaviour is prevalent and powerful; furthermore, its influence is more effective in persuading Saudi consumers to buy certain products, such as food, than other products, like jewelry.


Infuencers, Snapchat, YouTube, Consumption, E-commerce