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Analysis of 3D Building Construction Applications in Augmented Reality


Humera Mehfooz Khan, Waseemullah, Muhammad Aslam Bhutto, Shariq Mahmood, Khan, Mirza Adnan Baig


Vol. 22  No. 10  pp. 340-346


Construction industry is considered as one of the oldest industries in the world since human came into being and the need of their own space is realized. All this led to make the world a space of many beautiful constructive ventures. As per the requirements of today’s world, every industry is recognizing the need for use and adoption of modern as well as innovative technologies due to their benefits and timely production. Now construction industry has also started adopting the use of modern and innovative technologies during their projects but still the rate of adoption is so slow. From design to completion, construction projects take a lot to manage for which technology based solutions have continuously been proposed. These include Computer Aided Design (CAD), building information modeling (BIM) and cloud computing have been proved to be much successful until now. The construction projects are high budgeted, and direly require timely and successful completion with quality, resource and other constraints. So, the researchers observe the need of more clear and technology based communication between the construction projects and its constructors and other stakeholders is required before and during the construction to take timely precautions for expected issues. This study has analyzed the use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology adopting GammaAR, and ARki applications in construction industry. It has been found that both applications are light-weighted, upgradable, provide offline availability and collaborative environment as well as fulfil most of the requirements of the construction industry except the cost. These applications also support different screen size for better visualization and deep understanding. Both applications are analyzed, based on construction’s application requirements, usability of AR and ratings of applications user collected from application’s platform. The purpose of this research is to provide a detail insight of construction applications which are using AR to facilitate both the future developers and consumers.


Augmented Reality, Building Design Visualization, 3D Building, 3D Construction. Applications