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Potential of Digital Solutions in the Manufacturing Sector of the Russian Economy


Svetlana Baurina, Margarita Pashkovskaya, Elena Nazarova, and Anna Vershinina


Vol. 22  No. 10  pp. 333-339


The purpose of the article is to identify priority trends of technological innovations and strategic opportunities for using the smart potential to the benefit of the Russian industrial production development in the context of digital transformation. The article substantiates the demand for technological process automation at industrial enterprises in Russia and considers the possibilities of using artificial intelligence and the implementation of smart manufacturing in the industry. The article reveals the priorities of the leading Russian industrial companies in the field of digitalization, namely, an expansion of the use of cloud technologies, predictive analysis, IaaS services (virtual data storage and processing centers), supervisory control, and data acquisition (SCADA), etc. The authors give the characteristics of the monitoring of the smart manufacturing systems development indicators in the Russian Federation, conducted by Rosstat since 2020; presents projected data on the assessment of the required resources in relation to the instruments of state support for the development of smart manufacturing technologies for the period until 2024. The article determines targets for the development of smart technologies within the framework of the Federal Project, Digital Technologies.


manufacturing industry, digital technologies, smart manufacturing, digital design, IoT technology.