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The Transformation of the Content and Forms of Education under the Pressure of the COVID-19


Yuliya Bekh, Tetiana Zhyzhko, Alla Kravchenko, Yana Kurhan-Bakoveieva, Iryna Kyzymenko, Olena Krasilnikova


Vol. 22  No. 10  pp. 310-314


Digitalization affects not only the content of education, but also its organization. These processes have ambiguous implications for the positioning of both universities and teaching staff. The necessary competencies are often acquired outside the walls of educational institutions, because educational programs often do not keep pace with the dynamics of technology. The teacher turns from a bearer of transmitted knowledge and skills into a navigator that helps to navigate the knowledge bases. All these issues are especially acute in relation to the reform of the higher education system in the context of pandemic consequences. The article examines and analyzes the features of the transformation of higher education in the context of a pandemic that faced the world in 2020. It has been proved that the processes of changes and transformations that the higher education system is going through both in an individual country and throughout the world should be defined as transformation, not modernization, reform or transformation.


distance learning, transformation, education system, educational institutions, COVID-19 pandemic, students.