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Prediction of Student’s Interest on Sports for Classification using Bi-Directional Long Short Term Memory Model


A. Basheer Ahamed, M. Mohamed Surputheen


Vol. 22  No. 10  pp. 246-256


Recently, parents and teachers consider physical education as a minor subject for students in elementary and secondary schools. Physical education performance has become increasingly significant as parents and schools pay more attention to physical schooling. The sports mining with distribution analysis model considers different factors, including the games, comments, conversations, and connection made on numerous sports interests. Using different machine learning/deep learning approach, children’s athletic and academic interests can be tracked over the course of their academic lives. There have been a number of studies that have focused on predicting the success of students in higher education. Sports interest prediction research at the secondary level is uncommon, but the secondary level is often used as a benchmark to describe students' educational development at higher levels. An Automated Student Interest Prediction on Sports Mining using DL Based Bi-directional Long Short-Term Memory model (BiLSTM) is presented in this article. Pre-processing of data, interest classification, and parameter tweaking are all the essential operations of the proposed model. Initially, data augmentation is used to expand the dataset's size. Secondly, a BiLSTM model is used to predict and classify user interests. Adagrad optimizer is employed for hyperparameter optimization. In order to test the model's performance, a dataset is used and the results are analysed using precision, recall, accuracy and F-measure. The proposed model achieved 95% accuracy on 400th instances, where the existing techniques achieved 93.20% accuracy for the same. The proposed model achieved 95% of accuracy and precision for 60%-40% data, where the existing models achieved 93% for accuracy and precision.


Sports Mining; Education Performance; Interest Prediction; Bi-Directional Long Short Term Memory; Physical Education.