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Monitoring of air Pollution on the Premises of the Factory Sharrcem ?L.L.C


Ibush Luzha, Milazim Shabani, Naim Baftiu


Vol. 22  No. 10  pp. 214-222


In these proceedings, we will address the problem of air pollution on the premises of the Cement factory SHARRCEM L.L.C. in Hani Elezit in the Republic of Kosovo respectively around the clinker cooler, rotary kiln, and raw material mill. By air pollution, we mean the introduction of chemicals, particles, or other harmful materials into the atmosphere which in one way or another causing damage to the development of plants and organisms. Air pollution occurs when certain substances are released into the air, which depending on the quantitative level, can be harmful to human health, animals, and the environment in general. The analysis of air shows the influence of the extractive and processing industry on the chemical composition of air. Parameters analyzed though under control such as the case of carbon dioxide, due to the increasing production capacity of cement, the production of hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of CO2 gas made CO2 production a concern. With the purchase of the latest technology by the SHARCEM Factory in Hani Elezit, the amount of air pollution has been reduced and the allowed parameters of environmental pollution have been kept under control. Air pollutants are introduced into the atmosphere from various sources which change the composition of the atmosphere and affect the biotic environment.The concentration of air pollutants depends not only on the quantities that are emitted from the sources of air pollution but also on the ability of the atmosphere to absorb or disperse these emissions. Sources of air pollutants include vehicles, industry, indoor sources, and natural resources. There are some natural pollutants, such as natural fog, particles from volcanic eruptions, pollen grains, bacteria, and so on.


Air pollution, Clinker, Furnace, Mill, Dust, Sulfur dioxide, Nitrogen Oxides