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Prediction of Energy Consumption in a Smart Home Using Coherent Weighted K-Means Clustering ARIMA Model


J. Jasmine Christina Magdalene and B.S.E.Zoraida


Vol. 22  No. 10  pp. 177-182


Technology is progressing with every passing day and the enormous usage of electricity is becoming a necessity. One of the techniques to enjoy the assistances in a smart home is the efficiency to manage the electric energy. When electric energy is managed in an appropriate way, it drastically saves sufficient power even to be spent during hard time as when hit by natural calamities. To accomplish this, prediction of energy consumption plays a very important role. This proposed prediction model Coherent Weighted K-Means Clustering ARIMA (CWKMCA) enhances the weighted k-means clustering technique by adding weights to the cluster points. Forecasting is done using the ARIMA model based on the centroid of the clusters produced. The dataset for this proposed work is taken from the Pecan Project in Texas, USA. The level of accuracy of this model is compared with the traditional ARIMA model and the Weighted K-Means Clustering ARIMA Model. When predicting,errors such as RMSE, MAPE, AIC and AICC are analysed, the results of this suggested work reveal lower values than the ARIMA and Weighted K-Means Clustering ARIMA models. This model also has a greater loglikelihood, demonstrating that this model outperforms the ARIMA model for time series forecasting.


ARIMA, Energy Management, Loglikelihood, RMSE, Weighted K-Means Clustering.