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TANFIS Classifier Integrated Efficacious Aassistance System for Heart Disease Prediction using CNN-MDRP


O. Bhaskaru and M. Sreedevi


Vol. 22  No. 10  pp. 171-176


A dramatic rise in the number of people dying from heart disease has prompted efforts to find a way to identify it sooner using efficient approaches. A variety of variables contribute to the condition and even hereditary factors. The current estimate approaches use an automated diagnostic system that fails to attain a high level of accuracy because it includes irrelevant dataset information. This paper presents an effective neural network with convolutional layers for classifying clinical data that is highly class-imbalanced. Traditional approaches rely on massive amounts of data rather than precise predictions. Data must be picked carefully in order to achieve an earlier prediction process. It's a setback for analysis if the data obtained is just partially complete. However, feature extraction is a major challenge in classification and prediction since increased data increases the training time of traditional machine learning classifiers. The work integrates the CNN-MDRP classifier (convolutional neural network (CNN)-based efficient multimodal disease risk prediction with TANFIS (tuned adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system) for earlier accurate prediction. Perform data cleaning by transforming partial data to informative data from the dataset in this project. The recommended TANFIS tuning parameters are then improved using a Laplace Gaussian mutation-based grasshopper and moth flame optimization approach (LGM2G). The proposed approach yields a prediction accuracy of 98.40 percent when compared to current algorithms.


Convolution neural network (CNN), TANFIS, CNN-MDRP, Heart disease prediction, Accuracy, Clinical data analysis, data mining.