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Multi Area Power Dispatch using Black Widow Optimization Algorithm


G. Girishkumar, S. Ganesan, N. Jayakumar, S. Subramanian


Vol. 22  No. 10  pp. 113-130


Sophisticated automation-based electronics world, more electrical and electronic devices are being used by people from different regions across the universe. Different manufacturers and vendors develop and market a wide variety of power generation and utilization devices under different operating parameters and conditions. People use a variety of appliances which use electrical energy as power source. These appliances or gadgets utilize the generated energy in different ratios. Night time the utilization will be less when compared with day time utilization of power. In industrial areas especially mechanical industries or Heavy machinery usage regions power utilization will be a diverse at different time intervals and it vary dynamically. This always causes a fluctuation in the grid lines because of the random and intermittent use of these apparatus while the power generating apparatus is made to operate to provide a steady output. Hence it necessitates designing and developing a method to optimize the power generated and the power utilized. Lot of methodologies has been proposed in the recent years for effective optimization and economical load dispatch. One such technique based on intelligent and evolutionary based is Black Widow Optimization BWO. To enhance the optimization level BWO is hybridized. In this research BWO based optimize the load for multi area is proposed to optimize the cost function. A three type of system was compared for economic loads of 16, 40, and 120 units. In this research work, BWO is used to improve the convergence rate and is proven statistically best in comparison to other algorithms such as HSLSO, CGBABC, SFS, ISFS. Also, BWO algorithm best optimize the cost parameter so that dynamically the load and the cost can be controlled simultaneously and hence effectively the generated power is maximum utilized at different time intervals with different load capacity in different regions of utilization.


Economic load dispatch, single objective multi area BWO, Optimization, Algorithm