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Modern Possibilities and Prospects of Nanotechnology in Dentistry


Chertov Sergiy1, Kaminskyy Valery2, Tatarina Olha3, Mandych Oleksii4, Oliinyk Andrii


Vol. 22  No. 10  pp. 97-106


Objective. Nanotechnology is spreading among all areas of life, from everyday devices to medicine. The concept of nanotechnology argues that not only can new physical and chemical properties of materials be discovered, but also the new potential of nanostructures when reduced to the nanoscale. The growing interest in the application of nanomaterials in dentistry contributes to the proliferation of the range of nanomaterials used by specialists. The purpose of this review of information sources was to analyze the prospects for the use of nanomaterials in dentistry. Methods. We used the bibliographic semantic method of research, for which we analyzed electronic databases of primary literature sources Scopus, Web of Science, Research Gate, PubMed, MDPI, and MedLine. English-language scientific articles published after 2017 were taken into consideration. Results. According to the results of a search study among modern information primary sources, nanotechnology improves the preventive properties of oral care products, improves the structural-mechanical and aesthetic properties of composite mixtures for dentistry, overcomes the problems of the clinical application of dental implants. Despite the prospects of nanotechnology applications in medicine in general and dentistry in particular, the existing economic and technological problems require a thorough solution for further implementation of nanostructures.


nanotechnology, dentistry, composites, implants, endodontics