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Development of Measurement Model of Educational Activities Quality of Students in Pedagogical Higher Education: Theoretical Methodical Aspect


Halyna F. Ponomarova, Ivan O. Stepanets, Olena M. Vasylenko


Vol. 22  No. 10  pp. 91-96


Article materials reflect the results of scientific research and generalization of experience concerning quality measurement of student’s educational activities in the context of innovative development of the educational process, which is ensured by introducing educational innovations. The main point of monitoring of higher education students’ activities and also phenomenon of education quality, particularly its results, are determined in the research. Guided by the scientific theory and personal experience of scientific and pedagogical activities, the attempt to single out the key components, important indicators and to introduce component indicator model of quality of higher education students’ activities on the qualimetry base has been performed. Methodical solutions concerning the application of the developed model to determine the dynamics of pedagogical students’ educational achievements by particular educational components in the process of innovative development of educational process are proposed.The advanced studies that relate to the development of methods for monitoring the quality of pedagogical higher education students’ activities on the basis of systemic, competence and qualimetry approaches taking into account the levels of education and chosen specialties have been decided.


educational activities, quality of education, pedagogical higher education students, monitoring of higher education quality, component indicator model.