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The Significance of Professional Subjectivity of a Specialist in Taking into Account Educational and Civilizational Changes in the Information Society


Tatiana, Sonia, Nanouchka Podkovyroff, Natalya Golubenko, Alona Altanova, Alona Shkodyn, Valentyna Bielikova, Kateryna Pasynchuk, Olena Bida


Vol. 22  No. 10  pp. 83-90


A forecast foresight of the conditions for the development of educational affairs in the Information Society of Ukraine is presented, taking into account changes in the technique, technologies, and the socio-social sphere. Unresolved problems in Ukraine regarding the modernization and improvement of the education system by means of informatization are highlighted. The need for further improvement of Ukrainian education by means of informatization is noted. Formulated the main goal of future education. The necessary conditions for the successful development of future education are highlighted. The role and place of the key figure of the teacher in the education of the future is determined. The article highlights the theoretical and philosophical foundations of professional subjectivity of the future specialist. Recently, the world's pedagogical thought has increasingly focused on how to build an educational process so that it brings a sense of happiness to all its participants. It is believed that this is a new management philosophy in general, although its origins are in ancient Greek sources, which claim that only a happy life has meaning and value. It is found out that the professional subjectivity of a specialist is an important professionally significant quality of the individual, which provides a purposeful and optimal implementation of their mental, personal resources for solving professional and life problems, which is manifested in the desire for self-definition, self-determination, self-regulation and self-improvement in professional activities taking into account the information society. The structure of this phenomenon is shown.


elaboration of promising directions for the development of education in Ukraine, Information Society, civilizational changes, education.