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A Beeline Routing Protocol for Heterogeneous WSN for IoT-Based Environmental Monitoring


G.Sahitya, Dr.N.Balaji, Dr.C.D.Naidu


Vol. 22  No. 10  pp. 67-72


A wireless sensor network (WSN), with its constrained sensor node energy supply, needs an energy-efficient routing technique that maximises overall system performance. When rumours are routed using a random-walk routing algorithm, which is not highly scalable, spiral pathways may appear. Because humans think a straight line is the quickest route between two sites and two straight lines in a plane are likely to intersect, straight-line routing (SLR) constructs a straight path without the aid of geographic information. This protocol was developed for WSNs. As a result, sensor nodes in WSNs use less energy when using SLR. Using comprehensive simulation data, we show that our upgraded SLR systems outperform rumour routing in terms of performance and energy conservation.


WSN, IOT, Cluster Head, Routing Protocol and sensor node.