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Problems of Using Cyberdramaturgy in Modern Foreign Cinematography


Тatiana V. Portnova


Vol. 22  No. 10  pp. 25-30


The article is devoted to the actual problem of the use of digital technologies in modern cinema in developed countries. The purpose of the study is to identify the essence of the term “cyberdramaturgy” and the problems of its use in modern film production. The research methodology is based on a systematic approach and includes the methods of the general scientific group (analysis, synthesis, deduction, induction), as well as a number of special methods: the method of content analysis of scientific literature on the research topic; sociological survey method; as well as the method of statistical analysis. The results of the survey were analyzed using the Neural Designer program (a tool for advanced statistical analytics) and translated into a graphical diagram format for clarity of perception. Answers in 75 questionnaires were evaluated by the average score for six analysis criteria, which made it possible to bring all the calculations to a 10-point scale. As a result of the study, the author of the article concluded the following: directors believe that the use of cyber analogues of actors and backgrounds leads to the blurring of genres, the hybridization of cinema and animation; directors are also concerned about the problem of replacing the director himself with a special program. The writers are completely concerned with the problem of machine scripting with almost infinite variability beyond the human imagination. Directors-producers believe that the cyberdramaturgy development will lead to completely new standards of cinematic quality, sharply different from the traditional assessment of acting and scene setting, to the appreciation of 3D animation as the highest category in the art. Such innovations actually devalue all international cinematography awards, as cyberdrama reduces the value of cyberactors to zero. It is impossible to bail out an “Oscar” or a “Golden Globe” award for a digital double or a separate cyber model that is used in the film instead of the actors.


cyberdramaturgy, digital model, digital double, computer graphics, 3D animation.