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Hybrid Optimal Routing Strategy (HORS) for Scale-Free Networks


Pearl Antil and Amita Malik


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 827-831


Scale-Free Networks have surfaced as a significant field in Network Science. The pervasiveness of scale-free networks has prompted many researchers to do an in-depth analysis of behavior and structure of these networks. Routing in these superlarge networks is a very exigent process due to huge traffic flow and dynamic network conditions. The paper presents a Hybrid Optimal Routing Strategy (HORS) which uses Betweenness Centrality and Queue length of nodes to determine the best possible path in a Scale-Free Network. The algorithm is adaptive i.e., all packets from source to destination do not follow the same path. The static and dynamic properties of all nodes are explored while computing the routing table in the network. Proposed algorithm achieves high network capacity, short average path length and low packet traveling time compared with Global Dynamic and Improved Optimal routing strategy.


Betweenness Centrality, Adaptive Routing, Preferential attachment, Scale-Free Network