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Smart Dual Stage Identity Authentication for Attendance Monitoring


Badar Al Baroomi, S. M. Emdad Hoaasin, Thirein Myo, Abdullah Al Shibli, Muhammad R Ahmed, M H Marhaban


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 801-807


The field of computer vision and pattern recognition is making great developments every day. It has already become clear that autonomous authentication is a sensible and innovative tool that can be applied in several applications. Image analytics technology such as facial recognition is crucial for authenticating autonomous identities. Automating the process of recognizing faces is challenging because faces move constantly, and they often wear accessories. This paper proposes a novel Bayesian approach to low resolution surveillance video attendance monitoring based on PCA-LDA processing with face biometrics. A publicly available database was used for the experimental evaluation process of the PCA-LDA combined scheme. It was found out that this method is highly effective at capturing the inherent features of human faces as well as discriminating identities from low resolution surveillance video. It is intended to implement it at the hardware level and monitoring classes' attendance in the future studies.


Biometric; Attendance; PCA; LDA; Bayesian