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Analyzing the Impact of COVID-19 on the Top US Startups: A Close Look at their LinkedIn Profiles


Taghreed Sindi, Maram Alharthi, Hosam Alhakami, and Tahani Alsubait


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 784-790


Nowadays, startups are growing massively, altering talent flows around the world and often, changing how we work and live. In recent years, there has been a growing interest from world-wide data scientists to analyze actions generated by LinkedIn members with an aim to understand practices related to startups. For example, in 2020, over 171 million LinkedIn profiles in the U.S. were analyzed to obtain the top 50 startups list. And in 2019, over 645 million LinkedIn profiles were analyzed. In this study, we analyze the top 50 US startups LinkedIn profiles in 2019 and 2020. Our results show that the technology startups are dominant during the two years. In particular, those related to cloud computing were found to be the most growing and widespread. Where the COVID-19 pandemic has not affected the growth of these startups but has made them more influential.


Social networks; LinkedIn networks; Entrepreneurship; Startups.