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Information Technology of Education in the Light of Vincent Ocon’s Theory of Multi Sided Personality Learning


Krystyna Chałas, Oksana Dubinina, Tetiana Burlaienko, Tetiana Kravchynska


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 657-665


The article reveals the Vincent Okon’s theory of multifaceted learning of the personality, which is the didactic base of many educational subjects today and can create the base for studying the subject “Informatics” in the institution of general secondary education (hereinafter GSEI). In the context of the study vectors of the subject “Informatics” in GSEI, a structure of certain types of activities is proposed: direct and indirect assimilation of knowledge; learning by discovery (scientific education); learning through experience (formation of value orientations); training through a practical component (professional training and project training). The essence of four vectors of V. Okon’s multifaceted personality education theory is summarized and the didactic structure of V. Okon’s multifaceted personality education theory is presented. The didactic situation of studying the subject ""Informatics"" is singled out, which is a dynamic space and facilitates the interaction of the teacher and the student during the educational process and determines the formation of skills and motivation to study the subject. The results of a survey of 85 respondents are presented. The purpose of the survey was to determine didactic teaching methods for practical skills, taking into account the vectors of the practical component of profile and project training, which are most often used when teaching the subject “Informatics” by teachers of schools in Ukraine and the Republic of Poland. Methods using IT in teaching the discipline “Informatics” are disclosed in detail. According to the results of the study, it was proved that the use of information technologies in the educational process contributes to the development of cognitive, emotional and practical activity of the individual and is an opportunity for multifaceted education.


information technologies, Digital Twins, software, institution of general secondary education, theory of multifaceted personality education.