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Features of the Development of the Global Tourism Industry in the Post-Pandemic Period


Tsymbal Liudmyla, Ihnatenko Nataliia, Kovtun Oleksandr, and Gromenkova Svetlana


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 643-648


The article analyzes the dynamics of the development of the tourist services market and the tourist industry in general in the pre-pandemic and pandemic periods. The key directions of the impact of the pandemic on this sector of economic activity have been determined, and the key features of the regional development of this market have been determined. The analysis of the dynamics of the key indicators of market development shows that 2019 has become a peak year in development and indicates the maximum loading of the hotel fund, employment, etc. However, already in 2020, the market shows a total collapse, the overall reduction of the market has occurred by more than 50%, and in some parts by more than 80% (for example, the occupancy rate of hotel rooms). However, in 2021, there is a gradual growth and recovery of the tourism sector, which is primarily due to the easing of restrictions that were introduced during the pandemic. For 2022, growth is forecast at the level of 20% from the level of 2021.


tourist services market, tourism industry, travel industry, hotel fund, pandemic, coronavirus