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Spatial Phase Spectra and Spatial-Temporal Geodynamic Filtering of Geoelectric Signals


Kuzichkin O.R., Vasilyev G.S., Ivashchuk O.A., Surzhik D.I., Podmasteryev K.V.


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 622-629


The article presents a method of geodynamic evaluation of con-trol objects with multipolar geoelectric profiling by phase struc-ture and polarization parameters, which allows to estimate distor-tions of current field lines by both near-surface and deep inho-mogeneities. A phasometric method for geoelectric data record-ing is presented, which is effective for tracking the geodynamics of near-surface inhomogeneities in cases where it is necessary to provide increased sensitivity to special changes in the object of study. High efficiency is achieved by increasing the sensitivity of the measuring system, initial installation and operational posi-tioning of the electrical installation by controlling the sources of probing signals. The general structure of the spatial phase spectra of the geoelectric vector field makes it possible to determine the distribution of secondary anomalous sources, as well as to esti-mate the significant heterogeneity of the medium at the points of convergence of the vectors. An approach is proposed involving the allocation of elementary components of geodynamic forms on phase images using spectral elementary geoelectric models. The data of experimental work for a two-pole geoelectric installation when creating artificial geodynamic impacts are presented.


Geodynamic control, geoelectrics, phasometric method, adaptive filtration, polarization structure, geodynamic trend