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An Integrative Model of the Use of Digital Technologies in the Legislative Process: Conceptual Substantiation


Sergey Zenin, Osman Izhaev, Dmitry Kuteynikov, Ivan Yapryntsev


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 575-580


The development of digital technologies causes certain changes in all spheres of public life, including in the sphere of functioning of public power. The deepening of automation in the spheres of public administration determines the need to analyze existing practices in this area, as well as the consequences of this process. The introduction of information technologies into legislative activity is one of the directions of digital state formation and development. The legislative process and its results objectively affect all spheres of human activity and society and therefore have an administrative and regulatory impact on every citizen. Therewith, an integrated approach to assess the ongoing transformation of legislative activity suggests the expediency of forming an integrative model for the implementation of digital technologies in this area, which would cover both theoretical and legal aspects and the organizational and practical components of this process. The methodology of the presented work is based on a dialectical approach using a combination of general scientific and private scientific methods of scientific cognition and comprehension, among which: the explication method, the formal legal (dogmatic) method, the comparative-legal method, with which the existing theoretical and practical results of the implementation of digital solutions in legislative activity and the method of legal modeling have been considered. The purpose of the study is to consider an integrative model of the use of digital technologies in the legislative process and conceptually substantiate it. The paper concludes that such elements ? validity, phasing, normativity, effectiveness together act as a conceptual substantiation of the integrative model of the implementation of digital technologies in legislative activity.


integrative model, legislative activity, digital technologies, the law as an algorithm, automated decision-making