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Career Choices and Young Adults: The Influence of the Autonomy Factor on the Choice of Employment in the IT Sector


Oleg Yuryevich Otrokov, Sergey Kurbanovich Gasanbekov, Rezeda Faizovna Azmetova, Maria L. Vilisova, Tatiana Yurievna Demina, and Alexandra Georgievna Panova


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 569-574


Various spheres of modern public life, such as politics, economics, law, and education, are increasingly implementing a model of society where the autonomy and freedom of the individual are recognized. The concept of an autonomous, independent individual is at the heart of modern society, and therefore should be the basis for the professional self-determination concept. The purpose of the paper is to study the influence of the autonomy factor on the choice of professional (career-related) strategy among young people (students). Based on theoretical analysis, the authors have demonstrated the essence of the phenomenon of personal autonomy as a complex feature of the individual, manifesting itself in the ability to determine one's position and behavior, make a conscious choice, and design one's future on one's own, independently from direct external influences, based on reflection of one's own needs, motives, and values. A comparison of the results of the diagnosis of personal autonomy and professional plans, per age intervals, indicates that the features of the professional prospects of students and their planned professional objectives at each age stage are determined by the nature of personal autonomy. Thus, the hypothesis of the study has been confirmed, stating that personal autonomy influences the formation of professional (career-related) plans of IT study program graduates.


autonomy, personal autonomy, professional plan, professional activities.