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Professional Training in Institutions of Higher Education in the Conditions of COVID-19


Oleksandr Iievliev, Serhiy Kulish, Yuliia Prasul, Tetyana Ravchyna, Natalia Chernysh, Liubov Say


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 543-550


Tourism is in close relationship with technological progress and innovative technological solutions. The tourism and hospitality industry is inextricably linked with the digital economy and at the same time the processes of digitalization of pedagogy. In this regard, the requirements that are imposed today on tourism graduates of all levels (secondary vocational education, bachelor's, master's) are high and must meet domestic and international standards of modern development. At the same time, the role of the teacher as the main subject of providing innovative pedagogical technologies, which will make it possible to fully develop all professional and personal qualities in the future tourism manager, is especially actualized. For this, it will be important to consider and evaluate the modern aspects of the pedagogical activity of a teacher within the university of a tourist profile. For this, methods of general and specific theoretical analysis of specialized scientific sources were used, as well as methods for systematizing the results. The main purpose of the article is to study the peculiarities of modern pedagogical technologies for teachers of tourism universities. As a result of the study, the main aspects of modern pedagogical technologies for teachers of tourism universities were identified.


pedagogy, pedagogical technologies, universities, teachers, innovative education