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Use Of Scientific And Technical Means During Interrogation In Criminal Proceedings


Ivan Miroshnykov, Mykola Karpenko, Iryna Chernychenko, Volodymyr Vazhynskyi, Yurii Litvin


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 515-520


The article is devoted to the consideration of the peculiarities of the use of technical and forensic means during individual investigative actions. Types of specialist assistance during pre-trial investigation (forensic, advisory, methodical and technical) are distinguished. The regulation of the use of scientific and technical means during pre-trial investigation has been studied, clarifications have been proposed regarding the definition and classification of such means, and relevant recommendations have been provided for implementation in investigative practice. The article deals with the issues of classification of scientific and technical means used during pre-trial investigation. Taking into account the multifaceted and multipurpose nature of the classification of scientific and technical means used during pre-trial investigation and court proceedings, the author proposed his own approach to the specified classification.


scientific and technical means, suspect, evidence, verification and clarification of information, procedural action, specialist, special knowledge, procedural regulation