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Resource Allocation in Fog Computing based on Meta-Heuristic Approaches: A Systematic Review


Anu and Anita Singhrova


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 503-514


Resource allocation in fog computing is a rigorous and challenging task and the allocation of appropriate resources to tasks generated by IoT users depends upon the QoS requirements of applications used by IoT users. Due to heterogeneity, mobility, uncertainty and limited availability of resources, the challenge of efficient resource allocation in fog computing cannot be addressed with traditional resource allocation strategies. Researches are still facing problem in selecting an efficient resource allocation algorithm for wide variety of applications. This research study represents a systematic literature analysis of resource allocation in the fog computing. The current status of resource allocation in fog computing is distributed in several categories such as auction-based techniques, heuristics techniques and metaheuristic techniques etc. Methodological analysis of resource allocation techniques based on meta-heuristic approaches has been presented in this research paper. This research work will assist the researchers to find the important parameters of resource allocation algorithms and will also help in selecting appropriate resource allocation algorithm for tasks generated by IoT users.


Fog Computing, Meta-heuristic, Bio-inspired, Resource Allocation, QoS