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Computer Science Trends and Innovations in Computer Engineering against the Backdrop of Russian Armed Aggression


Bannikov Valentyn, Zalialetdzinau Kanstantsin, Siasiev Andrii, Ivanenko Ruslan, Saveliev Dmytro


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 465-470


Relevance. The research implemented in this article focuses on the problem of freeing the cyber-digital space of Ukraine from the parasitic influences of digital means, the developers and owners of which are the relevant companies of the aggressor state - the Russian Federation. A certain direction of the research is particularly acute against the background of unprovoked large-scale armed aggression, which casts doubt on the speedy resumption of cooperation with representatives of the hostile country's IT cluster. Objective. The purpose of the study is to identify vulnerable sectors and determine the vector of development of digital tools that can be safely used on the territory of Ukraine, taking into account the hostile actions of the aggressor state. Methods. Determination of the priority vector of development of digital tools and cyber sciences of Ukraine is determined by using methods of statistical research, information research, and analytical definitions, which in the final goal form and target the actual needs of the domestic IT cluster not only in the circumstances of Russian armed aggression but further innovation in achieving civilizational progress and the realization of state interests. Results. The results of the study identify sectors of the cyber-digital sphere of Ukraine, which require the urgent intervention of specialized professionals to free certain industry digital tools from the compromised software of the aggressor state, as well as define target goals for further development of the digitalization of Ukraine as a comfortable smart environment, attractive for investment attraction and rapid development Scientific novelty / Scientific novelty


Digital tool, cybersecurity, attack, vector, development, politics, smart environment.