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Communication Training of Specialists Using Multimedia Technologies in the Cross-Cultural Space


Svitlana Yakymenko, Svitlana Sichkar, Iryna Denysiuk, Kateryna Shapochka, Tamara Torchynska, Svitlana Teslenko, Antonina Chychuk


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 439-446


The article highlights the theoretical foundations of communication training of specialists. The structure of communicative competence of training specialists is considered. The complex of communicative knowledge and skills that makes up the communicative competence of a specialist is determined.The article proves that in the context of globalization and the inclusion of Ukrainian education in a single European educational space and in order to preserve the national identity, the experience of Transcarpathia as a multiethnic region is especially important. The need to update the content and forms of organizing training by means of multimedia technologies in a multiethnic environment motivates increased requirements for the active application of already accumulated pedagogical experience, adaptation of the leading ideas of the past to modern requirements and challenges.Training a specialist using multimedia technologies who is ready to interact with representatives of other cultures, exchange cultural values, and broadcast cultural meanings is a priority task of higher education, and its solution contributes to the effective organization of the space of intercultural interaction in Transcarpathia. The necessary principles for creating an intercultural space are outlined, and the importance of creating a positive character of relations between students, representatives of different cultural groups, especially the intercultural majority and the cultural minority is emphasized. In a higher education institution, it is important to form a teacher as a person who is a native speaker and amulet of national culture and spiritual values.


communication, multimedia technologies, education, training of specialists, university, intercultural space, Transcarpathia, Ukraine, multiethnic environment.