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Ensemble Modulation Pattern based Paddy Crop Assist for Atmospheric Data


SampathKumar.S., B.N.ManjunathaReddy, and M.Nataraju


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 403-413


Classification and analysis are improved factors for the real-time automation system. In the field of agriculture, the cultivation of different paddy crop depends on the atmosphere and the soil nature. We need to analyze the moisture level in the area to predict the type of paddy that can be cultivated. For this process, Ensemble Modulation Pattern system and Block Probability Neural Network based classification models are used to analyze the moisture and temperature of land area. The dataset consists of the collections of moisture and temperature at various data samples for a land. The Ensemble Modulation Pattern based feature analysis method, the extract of the moisture and temperature in various day patterns are analyzed and framed as the pattern for given dataset. Then from that, an improved neural network architecture based on the block probability analysis are used to classify the data pattern to predict the class of paddy crop according to the features of dataset. From that classification result, the measurement of data represents the type of paddy according to the weather condition and other features. This type of classification model assists where to plant the crop and also prevents the damage to crop due to the excess of water or excess of temperature. The result analysis presents the comparison result of proposed work with the other state-of-art methods of data classification.


Paddy crop classification; Ensemble Modulation Pattern; Block Probability Neural Network; Cultivation