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Social Media Data Analysis Trends and Methods


Mahmoud Rokaya and Sanaa Al Azwari


Vol. 22  No. 9  pp. 358-368


Social media is a window for everyone, individuals, communities, and companies to spread ideas and promote trends and products. With these opportunities, challenges and problems related to security, privacy and rights arose. Also, the data accumulated from social media has become a fertile source for many analytics, inference, and experimentation with new technologies in the field of data science. In this chapter, emphasis will be given to methods of trend analysis, especially ensemble learning methods. Ensemble learning methods embrace the concept of cooperation between different learning methods rather than competition between them. Therefore, in this chapter, we will discuss the most important trends in ensemble learning and their applications in analysing social media data and anticipating the most important future trends.


Social Media, Ensemble Learning, Security Risks, Identity Theft, Fraud, Malware, Adware, Bot, Phishing, Fake, DDoS